More than a quarter of people claim to have had a holiday romance, while 11% are married to a person they met on vacation. If you are a full term or frequent traveler, the chances that you will fall in love abroad becomes all but inevitable. However, travel and romance don’t always make good companions. At some point, you will be bound to move onto a new country, whether out of choice or forced to by your visa expiration date.


There is no guarantee that the relationship will be able to continue, especially with the cultural and language differences which can make communication difficult. Despite these obstacles, falling in love abroad can happen to anybody. Long term travelers and digital nomads should be prepared in what to do should a romance be sparked while on the move around the world.


Be Honest About Your Lifestyle

Like in all relationships, problems are best avoided through honest communication. Your nomadic lifestyle, though growing in popularity, is not mainstream and so anyone you meet abroad may not be familiar with what it requires of you. Let your partner know as early as possible how often you have been traveling and how often you plan to travel in the future. It may be that you are looking to settle down in one place, but if not, then be honest about your lifestyle.


This can help you to come to a conclusion about compatibility. It may well be true that the person you have fallen for is able to take plenty of time off work or do most of it online and would, therefore, be able to travel with you much of the time. In which case you can work out an arrangement that works. Alternatively, you may have to choose between a person and a life on the move. That choice is yours to make, but the right decision is arrived at via deep and honest conversation.



Prepare Yourself for a Long Distance Relationship

Over 14 million Americans claim to be in a long-distance relationship and many make it through the hard times and emerge as strong couples. Although most long-distance relationships fail, this is the case with all kinds of relationships, and it isn’t necessarily the distance that causes problems. However, being far apart from your partner for extended periods of time requires a unique approach.


If you are a long term traveler, then the chance of ending up in a long term relationship increases. You will need to go back to your family and friends at some point, thereby leaving your loved one behind. When you are apart, focus on your own personal growth and don’t try too hard to please your partner. With modern technology, staying in contact is easy, but being overly possessive can be exhausting and cause more problems.



Instead, each partner needs to be trusting and continue with life as normal. Be prepared for feeling sad and lonely, but remember that it is only temporary until you can see each other again. When falling in love abroad, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of the relationship going a long distance. This can be a good opportunity to figure out if you are really meant to be together or only together because it is convenient. Once the relationship has been tested, you could end up stronger and happier than many other couples.


Research Local Residency Laws

Long-distance relationships do not have to cause a breakup, but eventually, you will want to be together. If you are the location independent one in the relationship, then it is up to you to move to the country in which your partner lives. They may not have the same luxury to move somewhere else. For this, you will have to consider whether their country is a place you could see yourself residing in permanently.


This might come down to your opinion of the local climate and culture, but ultimately, the decision will be made by the legal structures in place. Most countries are easy to visit with a tourist visa, but gaining residency can be more complicated. Delve into the local laws and figure out the procedures required to legally reside with your partner. This should be the first step once you have decided that you definitely want to be with this person.


Don’t Fear the Heartbreak

With all the problems that come with falling in love overseas, it can be tempting to shut yourself down to all potential relationships. You can become resistant to any emotional feelings because you do not want to deal with the potential heartbreak that comes with a holiday romance. This is understandable, but a bad idea. Taking this approach will shut you off to important human emotions so that you fail to become a well rounded and balanced person.


It can be easy to commit yourself to work and travel over human relationships, but this will leave you feeling lonely and unfulfilled. Instead, be prepared to accept everything that you feel. Let your love for others flow freely, without fear of heartbreak. If things don’t work out, then this is an important life lesson for personal growth. However, you may be surprised when a relationship formed abroad does end in a happy marriage, just as it has for more than one in ten people. So let the exciting feelings of love come and go naturally, regardless of which part of the world you are in or how long you plan to be there.


Falling in love abroad is a natural part of travel and it can be amazing, but also devastating. In that sense, it is the same as relationships of any kind. However, it does require a unique approach. Being completely honest from the start of the romance and being prepared to maintain a long-distance partnership can help you to ultimately build stronger and more authentic relationships. Accept and learn from the heartbreak, but hopefully, you will make it work and end up with a happier relationship than you ever knew was possible. You just have to be open to and accepting of the idea.