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1. Media Contact

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2. Company Background

Arcido (pronounced “ar-KEE-doh”)

Arcido seeks to epitomise ergonomically designed, carry-on luggage for the one-bag traveller, and benefits from Will Ford’s business acumen and Felix Kenchington’s keen eye for product design. Their paths crossed while they were both working on luggage-related projects in Edinburgh, and they joined forces to address the frustrating prevalence of inelegant, badly-designed “wheelie” bags. Arcido seeks to nurture a following of like-minded intelligent travellers by creating products which help them travel smarter and make the most of the one-bag lifestyle.

3. Points of Interest

Arcido was founded in Edinburgh in 2016 by Will Ford and Felix Kenchington, who both attended the University of Edinburgh.
Ever a believer in one-bag travel, Felix once took a blue IKEA bag on a plane with him as a carry-on.
The pair shot the first promotional material for Arcido between London and Ibiza.
Will has an unbridled love of Cher which he never only rarely lets get in the way of business.
Arcido was part-funded by the “By Design” grant from Scottish Enterprise, awarded to SMEs working with design innovation projects.
Will once sat for six hours at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport counting the number of people who used wheelie bags as part of his research (it was approximately 50%).

4. Founders’ Bios

Will Ford (Founder)

Will Ford started his first enterprise reselling electronics online from his partner’s boxroom in 2006, and has never looked back. An experienced world traveller himself, he made inroads into the luggage industry in 2011, developing travel products, culminating in the creation of Arcido in 2016. Driven by his own frustration with the limitations of luggage currently on the market, Will is now dedicated to helping other intelligent travellers reach their destination with resilient, versatile luggage suited to their own travel style.

Felix Kenchington (Product Designer)

Originally from Winchester, Felix studied Product Design at the Edinburgh College of Art. He is a total bag geek; he knows everything about their components and materials, and got incredibly excited when he received a booklet containing nothing but buckle samples. A fastidious designer, he recently spent a month working in our factory in East Asia, meticulously changing the design of the backplate and obsessing over every detail to ensure a perfect product. His design philosophy is that every aspect of a good product should be carefully considered, from the X all the way down to the Y.

5. Testimonials

“The bag is well made and, more importantly, well designed. Every pocket, section and compartment has clearly been well thought through and allows you to fit more stuff than you’d think into it.” – Simon G, via Amazon

“Great suitcase for people who love their tech and want it kept safe!” – BrightSparkSoph, via Amazon

6. Press Mentions

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7. The Arcido Bag Kickstarter Launch

Please click here to access the press pack including images ahead of our launch on Kickstarter. If you would like to request any more information, please contact us at