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The Arcido Bag is a carry on backpack that lets you travel with everything you need in a single pack. Conceived in summer 2015 we set out to build one of the best backpacks for travel on the market. The result is The Arcido Bag - launched on Kickstarter, we reached our funding goal within 5 hours.

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To follow in the footsteps of The Arcido Bag, we developed Faroe. With reduced padding, Faroe is a laptop travel backpack in a lightweight fabric but the same high quality aesthetic we applied to the Arcido Bag.


Getting a carry on travel backpack is one thing, but buying an Arcido bag is to experience hands free, one-bag travel in the most efficient way possible. We believe Arcido bags are the best backpack luggage you can buy - made from premium materials, each carry on backpack is carefully thought through, giving you easy access to the things you need when you travel. We’re all about making the travel experience more streamlined; from packing to airport security and beyond.

Check out our blog which features articles on the best backpacks for travel, our favourite destinations and the world of hand luggage-only travel. We also write about tips to get the most out of your travel carry on backpack, and thinking of your bag as backpack luggage rather than just another bag to gather dust in your cupboard.

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