There’s a reason so many of those who travel choose a wheelie case. It seems practical; and if you’re carrying a lot, any bag could be heavy. But once you leave the airport, the problems begin : navigating public transport can be cumbersome, and annoying for locals. Wheeling your case over cobbles, or any surface that isn’t flat becomes a nightmare. Climbing stairs is an even greater annoyance. 

If you’re reading this, then maybe you’ve already been convinced that travelling with a backpack can be far more practical. Carrying something light on your back is liberating, making you faster and more efficient. But most purpose-made carry-on backpacks out there are designed for men. The result is that they’re often large. Sure, a pack might look great on a 6’3 guy, but not everyone has that stature. 

womens carry-on backpack

Oxna as worn by our female model, 5'9


We developed Oxna in part with this in mind : not everyone is going to suit a backpack that’s designed to be the maximum allowable size for carry-on. We also believe that it’s important to feel good about what you’re carrying -- if you feel like your backpack looks dorky, you’re going to feel less confident. Ok maybe I’m projecting here, but this has definitely happened to me, using a bag several years ago that my partner nicknamed “The Egg Bag”.... I felt like Obelix carrying his rock. 


In contrast, our Oxna backpack has a more compact form, making it a more suitable size for most women. Crucially though, it has some clever elements that allow it to fit almost as much as our other packs. 

4 Amazing Reasons to Love Oxna

1. Expandable outer pocket

I use this to stuff a sweater, scarf or compressible packet. Or otherwise for clothing I might need on a flight but don’t want to wear right now.


2. Compression straps + Compression cube

You can use the internal compression straps to sequeeze more clothes into the (admittedly large) central pocket. But to get more out of your pack, choose the compression cube which allows you to separate dirty/clean clothes and reduce the volume by a third. 

3. Hideaway straps + side handle

There are times when you don’t want to carry Oxna on your back. For a smarter look (e.g. when wearing a suit jacket), Oxna’s shoulder straps disappear and allow you to turn it into a slick briefcase. Perfect for meetings.

4. Dedicated pockets for everything you need

With a pocket for your charger, laptop, bottle and hidden pocket for your passport, Oxna keeps you organized. No more digging around for the thing you’re looking for; just easy access to the most important stuff. 


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