Every day, five billion YouTube videos are watched. It is all too easy to go deep into a rabbit hole and tap into an almost limitless supply of information. If you are looking to start working from home - or even better, on the road - then YouTube is a great place to get tips and inspiration. Professional vloggers are real people, just like you, who just happen to make a living from the internet. They are the perfect role models for someone wanting to work from anywhere.

Wondering where to start? The six YouTubers below have some entertaining, but incredibly informative and inspirational, content to set you on the path to digital nomadism.

Chris the Freelancer

If you are looking for information about freelancing, then there is hardly a more comprehensive documenter of the topic than Chris the Freelancer. With over 60,000 subscribers, he is already inspiring thousands of people with his story. The videos are incredibly well made and include topics such as living in Thailand for under $600 a month, learning to code, and a digital nomad packing list.

Chris really does cover everything, from flight hacks to business advice, so there is something for everyone. His videos include how to achieve a location independent lifestyle, along with reviews about the different places you could choose to base yourself. From Bulgaria to Bali, Chris has seen it all and can give profound first-person advice. And it’s all completely free.


The Vagabrothers are a pair of young and exciting full-time vlogging vagabonds, who live a digital nomad and location independent lifestyle. Their videos are funny, yet informative. They show you that it is possible to live on the move, make money and have a great time. At the time of writing, they are approaching 900,000 subscribers, with their most popular video hitting 6.8 million views.

Their self-described motive is to inspire others to live the way they do. With minimalist packing tips and cheap flight hacks, they are the ideal vloggers for remote workers who want to see the world, although they are perfect for people with work from home jobs as well. The key to this channel is helping you to cut living costs, especially as you switch to a remote position and are yet to achieve a high and stable income stream.

Conor McMillan

Conor McMillan has a truly inspirational life story. He was working 80 hour weeks and had become addicted to drugs. One day, he decided to give up all these toxic habits, along with his day job, and embrace minimalist living. Through this, he was able to develop a successful remote career as a therapist and YouTuber. His videos are a mix of emotional support and practical advice.

Conor has around 40,000 subscribers, with his top videos getting well over 200,000 views. He lives on the road for most of the year and lives out of his 19-liter backpack. He will show you how to achieve a life with less while dedicating your energy to running a successful business.

Amanda Round the Globe

If you are looking for inspiration to live a minimalist and location independent lifestyle, then Amanda Round the Globe has what you need. Her videos cover minimalism quite comprehensively but have a particular focus on frugal living. For many people, cutting costs is the first step to feeling secure enough to leave the office job and pursue your passion.

Her storytelling style is fun and relatable, having attracted 20,000 subscribers and almost 200k views on her top videos. They delve into mental health, saving money, and advice about different locations. Having worked as a writer, she’ll inspire you to pursue your creative impulses.

Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine is another young, fun-loving YouTuber. She’s pretty big as well, reaching almost half a million subscribers at the time of writing. She is all about travel, offering advice on almost any destination you could possibly want to visit. She mixes in some relatable stories of when things went wrong, but always backs it up with an inspirational takeaway.

Her most viewed video “The Spontaneous, Fantastic, Apptastic, RoadTrip” gives an idea of the type of person she is. Nadine lives in the moment, enjoying every moment. As a professional full-time vlogger, her videos are incredibly well filmed and edited, making them a joy to watch. Even if you are looking for work from home opportunities, Nadine is an inspiration.

Matt D'Avella

Matt D’Avella’s videos combine sarcasm and witty humor with heartfelt advice. He’s the filmmaker behind the documentary “Minimalism” and really lives out the ideals that his film promotes. However, he does so in a way that feels achievable to the average American. He tends to travel less than the other people on this list, which is perfect for anyone looking to work from home. However, his location independence and minimalist lifestyle means he can just hop on a plane, pretty much whenever he wants. Join his 1.2 million subscribers and 10 million viewers for weekly inspiration.

Subscribe to the above six YouTubers and you’ll have everything you need to know about finding remote work and traveling full time. That’ll put you down a rabbit hole of inspiring stories and useful advice, which could change your life.

Written by Thom Brown