1. It fits the overhead locker

We want to travel with a single pack, and not check anything in. All our backpacks are designed to do this. The benefits are manyfold - not least as a way to avoid check-in fees. Anecdotally, we have noticed that airlines are starting to ask passengers to check their bags anyway, even if they’re cabin-compliant. But usually they don’t bother you  if you’re wearing a backpack. And best of all, since Oxna is slightly smaller than other carry-on backpacks, there’s also nearly always room in the overhead locker. 

  1. Check out this dedicated charger pocket

Ever had to dig around for your laptop or phone charger? We hate doing that, and we found that if we put our charger in the laptop compartment, it could be difficult to close. It’s a small detail, but including this charger pocket we think is a really neat addition to Oxna. 

charger pocket for Oxna

  1. You can compress your stuff and make better use of the available space

The Oxna packing cube is designed to fit exactly inside the pack, and uses high quality YKK zips to compress down your clothes. So, what might have taken up quite a lot of space now doesn’t. Just another way to optimise your travel. Also you can separate your clean and dirty clothes easily because the compression cube has an internal divider. 

compression cube oxna arcido
compression cube
  1. The material Oxna is recycled! 

Not only is our black Kodra material water-resistant, it’s also recycled. Anything we can do to reduce waste is a bonus in our book. Our products are made to last, not to be thrown away. Our backpacks come with a 5 year warranty but in reality should last much longer than that. 

recycled materials backpack


  1. Ever heard of floating pockets? 

Sometimes things don’t fit exactly in the pocket you want them to. For instance, trying to put a bulky charger in the bottom of the laptop compartment might be tricky and make it difficult to zip up. To accommodate this, we have made some parts of Oxna ‘floating’ which means that one volume can expand into another if necessary. So you can still keep your stuff compartmentalised, but not worry so much about how bulky your items are. 

  1. Side and top handles & hideaway shoulder straps

Might sound simple, but having a side handle makes it really easy to walk down the cabin aisle without knocking anyone, or when you need to look smart - a backpack isn’t right for every environment after all. Hide the straps in the back and you’ve got yourself a briefcase! 


  1. Organisation for all of your things

Pens, passport, sunglasses - whatever it is, there’s a pocket for it. We don’t all carry the same stuff, but we all carry certain things. For those, we’ve included dedicated pockets. Too few pockets and we’d just have a big empty volume - ideal if you want to be totally disorganised. But too many pockets can make the product feel cluttered. We think we’ve struck the right balance between form and function.

everything you can fit inside Oxna backpack

What do you think about Oxna? Leave a comment below, or read how I use Oxna to travel and work in this post.