For digital nomads focused on minimalist travel and getting more out of less, multitasking products can be a game changer. Any app, gadget, or tool that makes life on the road more efficient and convenient can help you get the most out of your trips. With minimalism in mind, here are the best multitasking products for digital nomads.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit has officially made the transition from a fitness tracker to a full-fledged smartwatch -- which bodes exceptionally well for your multitasking needs. While the Versa is a gadget that retains all the tools included the traditional FitBit -- pedometer, a heart rate monitor, and detailed sleep analysis -- it’s now effectively an iPod that stores thousands of songs, and an app machine that can do everything from ordering Ubers to checking flight statuses. And, at $200, it’s significantly less than the Apple Watch or other similar products.

Aquio Water Bottle and Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to two-in-one combos that suit on-the-go travelers, what’s better than a portable speaker that attaches to your water bottle? The water bottle is made from insulated steel that keeps drinks either cold or hot for hours on end. Simply unscrew the detachable speaker from the bottom of the bottle and start up a party anywhere. This makes for a great picnic accessory, and when connected to one another the device slides easily into your backpack’s water bottle sleeve.

Google Trips App

Google Trips is likely to be remembered as the first app that consolidated the entire travel experience in one clean space. Without WiFi or data, Google Trips can store your itinerary, offer suggestions on things to do and places to eat nearby, check flight statuses, and much more. Because it handles everything regarding your itinerary, it definitely deserves a spot on your to-buy list of multitasking products.

Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel Medical Kit

Having a useful medical kit stashed in your bag is a sign of an experienced traveler. Besides most significant injuries, there is little the Smart Travel Medical Kit won’t be able to handle. Inside you’ll find everything including supplies for stomach pain (for that questionable street food), wounds, blisters, fractures, sprains, common medications, and useful information on how to diagnose your symptoms. It’s small enough to stash in the bottom of your bag and forget about until you need it most.

ORGO Travel Organizer

Designed by travelers who were inspired (or rather frustrated) by their lack of counter space while living out of hotel rooms, they set out to create a product that stashed their most valuable items in one clean compartment. The ORGO Travel Organizer is a smart little case with zipper compartments, spacious interior compartments, and expands at an angle to provide more space when you need it most. It’s great for beauty and hygiene products, but really can be used for anything.

VAGO Travel Compressor

Here at Arcido, we’re big proponents of minimalist travel. Any gadget or tool that allows us to do more with less gets an automatic nod of approval. The VAGO Travel Compressor is the world’s smallest, smartest, and most stylish vacuum. This little machine takes all the air out of your suitcase with the push of a button. Use this tool to squeeze into a smaller pack, or to free up some space for anything else that may be necessary for life on the road.

VSSL Flask

For the outdoor enthusiasts, camping aficionados, and festival goers, the VSSL Flask is a sleek product that combines a flask with a flashlight and a compass. It comes with two stainless steel shot glasses that will support the beating of any debaucherous night, and a high-power LED flood light to make sure you know where you’re going.

Travel Security Belt

Before rolling your eyes at the thought of a money belt -- hear us out. This product from RoomierLife is much more of a traditional belt than a money belt. In fact, it looks exactly like a standard belt but just happens to have a hidden zipper on the inside where folded bills can be placed. With the advent of theft-proof bags with secret pockets, this may seem excessive, but you can never be too safe.

Written by Dillon DuBois