There are about a dozen apps out there that advertise themselves as the “Tinder for traveling.” And to be fair, it’s a need worth addressing. Tons of people set out to travel the world, but many end up empty-handed in the love department. If having a risqué foreign encounter is a top priority for you, consider an app.

And while Tinder does just fine, there are others that are geared specifically towards travelers like you. So rather than swiping through hundreds of bot profiles, with these apps, you can make real connections that make the experience all the more rewarding. Check out the best travel dating apps for 2019.

Miss Travel - Find your soulmate and explore the worldMiss Travel

Whereas most dating apps utilize GPS to track your location and identify others nearby, Miss Travel is one step ahead of the game. With this app (that has actually been in operation as a website since 2012), allows users to plan and book a vacation with a complete stranger. Sound bold? It is, but who doesn’t dream of traveling the world and falling in love with a complete stranger?

From the ‘50s-style graphics to the payment structure that asks only men to pay, it conjures an old-fashioned, kind of neo-chivalrous feel. Start by creating a trip request, and then decide between one of the three options: either you offer to pay for the entire trip, you offer to pay half, or you request that your trip be entirely paid for. 


Have you ever boarded a plane, spotted a cutie in seat 17B, and not been able to do anything about it? Herein lies the problem. BuckleUp is a new app that turns any boring train ride, bus ride, or flight into an opportunity to meet someone and start talking. 

While many airlines are slowly adapting (and decreasing the costs of) WiFi, it’s currently a far cry from perfect. With BuckleUp, you can chat offline with anyone, anytime. Underground, in the air, at a concert in the middle of nowhere -- you get the idea. 


AirTripp markets itself more as an app to meet friends while abroad than anything romantic, but who says friends can’t turn into friends with benefits? With AirTripp you can connect with people from almost every country on earth to share a meal, go on an adventure, or tour the local attractions. Perhaps the best part of this app is the in-app translation services. Send translated messages to a local in over 17 languages to help you better assimilate and do things a little more off the beaten path. 

Skout Logo

Like AirTripp, Skout isn’t particularly geared towards daters, but more towards those looking to have a good time. Perhaps the best feature of Skout is the live stream. Broadcast what you’re doing to a huge network of people, and wait for someone to take an interest. Or, on the flip side, scroll through the live feeds and see what strikes your fancy. 


Now, are we suggesting you use the Couchsurfing platform to get frisky with your host? Absolutely not. There are too many horror stories out there of people breaking the rules of engagement and making the morning-after walk of shame all too awkward. That said, Couchsurfing is a great way to meet people and plant the seed for a potential future encounter. 


Whether you’re traveling solo or in a group, Backpackr is a great place to meet fellow wanderers. The app lets you scroll through countless profiles, view their itineraries and travel plans, and see if their match up with your own. Backpackr’s “Common Room” feature allows users to field any and all questions regarding best places to go, best places to eat, and best stuff to do. 


EatWith is all about sharing amazing culinary experiences with locals around the world. Book your trip, and book one of their cooking classes, supper clubs, food tours, and unique dinners with hand-selected hosts. If you love food, chances are you’ll meet someone here who shares that mutual interest. 


Meetup is arguably the most well-established non-tinder app in this conversation. With thousands of groups in hundreds of countries, Meetup has tons of opportunities to meet someone new. From training for a marathon to learning a new language, playing chess in the park, and going visiting modern art museums, Meetup has groups for anything and everything. 

Facebook groups are powerful ways to meet people that shares the same interests.
Facebook Groups

Just when you’re on the brink of deleting your Facebook because you refuse to witness another baby-themed post from your long-lost high school friend, it really comes in handy. Facebook while traveling is a whole different ballgame. All big cities have expat groups designed for travelers and digital nomads to link up while abroad. Don't forget to read a tip or two on dating as a digital nomad.

Feel free to field random questions in these groups, and at the events its totally normal to just walk up to someone and introduce yourself. Everyone is in a new place, and everyone is looking to meet people. 

Written by: Dillon DuBois