Crowdfunding has fast become the go-to solution for creators and inventors looking to raise capital to get their projects off the ground quickly. End consumers owe a lot to crowdfunding – it’s thanks to sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo that we now enjoy some iconic tech and travel products. Some might say that crowdfunding’s weakness is the risk that it carries; that products are not fully developed before being taken to market. Experimental is how some would describe it, but we’re firmly convinced that crowdfunding, when done correctly, provides the best means of communicating directly with your customers and implementing valuable feedback. We’re such big believers in the power of crowdfunding that we’ve brought together five crowdfunded travel products which you should consider backing.

Western Rise: Limitless Merino Wool Shirt

If you’ve read our articles on creating capsule wardrobes, then you’ll know that we’re big believers in clothing which streamlines your travel experience. Wrinkle-free garments are a prime example of this. The Merino wool employed by Western Rise in their Limitless button-down shirt is designed to be moisture wicking and odor resistant while maintaining a slim, tailored fit. It’s also stain resistant, yet still soft and breathable, making it a supremely comfortable choice. If you don’t already have a few wrinkle-free shirts, then consider backing this brand and making it a staple in your travel carry.

Zendure: Supertank Portable Charger

There’s a reason why power banks have become such popular travel accessories. Given our increasing dependence on smart devices, power banks are a quick and convenient way to keep our devices charged without worrying about access to mains. Zendure’s Supertank Portable Charger takes the humble power bank one step further, with a mammoth 27,000 mAh capacity. While most run-of-the-mill power banks will charge your phone and tablet, the Supertank goes one step further to charge laptops with USB-C power ports (we’re looking at you, MacBook owners). It does this by outputting 100 watts and 60 watts via its dual USB-C PD and dual USB-A ports so you can keep your power-hungry devices topped up with juice, no matter the occasion

Airo Collective: Stealth Wallet

To be fair, travel wallets are a dime-a-dozen. There are a slew of card carriers and money clips that look the part; however, not all are created equal. The Stealth Wallet caught our attention for a few reasons: Firstly, it claims to be unbreakable, as it’s made from “military-spec ballistic material that is 15x stronger than steel” It’s also impossibly thin (thinner than a razor blade), and designed to last longer than most other minimalist wallets. Along with those impressive claims, it has RFID protection and space for up to 8 cards.

Masterspace: Pacum

The Pacum from Masterspace is a niche product that not everyone might need, but there’s no denying that it’s an innovation which could save you a ton of hassle while traveling. No larger than an iPhone X, this pocket-sized, battery-powered vacuum is a next-gen take on space-saving. Simply attach the Pacum to your standard vacuum bags using their adapter, and within a minute, your clothes will be compressed and ready to pack. The USB-C charging makes it a cinch to keep the device topped up, and the Pacum even pumps air out in case there’s something that you need to inflate

Moment: Mobile Filmmaker Kit

Moment specializes in elevating the optics of your smartphone to levels that you never thought possible. They struck gold with their selection of smartphone camera lenses on Kickstarter, but they’ve since expanded to sell a wide range of mobile video and photography accessories. Even though their latest Kickstarter project has already shipped, it’s still worth checking out their website for the Moment Filmmaker Collection; a variety of accessories which enable you to shoot cinematic video on your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel device.

These products all echo our ethos of efficiency and help you to stay productive while traveling. More importantly, they represent innovation in the travel space – something which we can’t commend highly enough. Which crowdfunded product will you be backing?

Written by Stuart Hendricks