Once winter time rolls around, deciding what to pack becomes a bit more of a process. Especially if you’re staying true to one-bag travel, your space may be compromised by heavy items, and all the while you’re needing to think about your outfits, and what goes with what. In order to help you out, we’ve compiled five of the most classic and stylish winter outfits that will be surefire scores for your weekend travel. Check them out below.

The Athleisure Look

Especially on travel days, nothing beats the casual athleisure look. The genre has been around for a good chunk of time in the women’s department, but only recently have companies begun tailoring their threads to men’s tastes. And to be honest -- there’s a part of every man that sighs in jealousy when a woman raves about how comfortable her leggings are. Well, sigh no longer my fair comrades, athleisure is now for you too.

For the uninitiated, the increase in sweatpant fabric technology over the past decade has been mind-boggling. Get yourself a pair of lightweight, stretchy, warm, and extremely comfortable sweats to take on your next winter vacation (check out companies like Vuori and Prana). Pair that with a slim-fitting fleece sweater, a starter-style jacket, and a comfortable pair of running shoes, and you’ve got your go-to casual outerwear.

The Vest Look

A man that incorporates a vest into his wardrobe is a man of practicality and sophistication. Jokes aside, it's harder than you think. But once you find yourself a good vest that matches with a few outfits, you get introduced to a whole world of possibility. In terms of staying warm, your core is by far the most important, so consider swapping out that bulky coat for a vest if you’re not headed somewhere too cold. Depending on the style of your vest, your bottoms can be anything from corduroys to khakis or dress pants.

The Formal Long Coat Look

While not usually considered ‘travel wear,’ the long-coat look is a go-to option for any kind of business trip or urban getaway. Usually made from wool or another kind of heavy fabric, you won’t need many other accouterments to stay warm. That being said, their plain style makes it easy to spice up.

Consider adding a pair of nice leather gloves (like driving gloves), and a bold scarf that contrasts nicely with the rest of your outfit. Up top, throw on a 1920s-style flat cap with a worn wool look to go with your pea coat. And because the pea coats are large, make sure your pants are skinny -- you can’t go baggy with baggy. As for shoes, pick a color that matches with your gloves, scarf, or whatever you’re wearing under your coat.

The No-Frills Jeans-Boots-Parka Look

Denim jeans are the true MVPs when it comes to stylish winter clothing for a few reasons: A broken-in pair is super comfortable, they’re durable, they keep in the heat, and they go with pretty much anything. As for your boots, pick a pair that’s versatile when it comes to looking good, staying warm, and keeping a good grip on the wintry conditions (because nobody has room to pack two pairs of boots).

Up top, go with a parka, the one jacket you’ll ever need. Forget strategic layering, these things are warm, and they can be as formal or as casual as you want them to be.

The Outdoorsy Look

Riding on the back of a huge wave of the environmental aesthetic, the outdoorsy style has taken the world by storm. The age-old lumberjack and geeky nature lover have effectively been reborn in the concrete jungles of the world’s most modern metropolises. Flannels, puffy jackets, beanies, and hiking boots are now all fair game in any circumstance. And the best part? This type of outerwear is the most efficient in terms of packing down. While the prices can be exorbitant, once see how small a down jacket packs down, it’ll be hard to opt for any other style.