“Hi, guys - can you help me?” 

The email reads.

“I’m going on a business trip and I am looking to pack the following : 

  • One pair of jeans
  • One pair of pants
  • Three dress shirts
  • Seven t-shirts
  • Seven pairs of underwear
  • Seven pairs of socks
  • One pair of dress shoes

Can it be done using Akra and the packing cubes?”

Felix and I looked at each other and agreed it was a slightly crazy amount of stuff to want to pack. But then, we don’t normally take ‘conventional’ business trips. Sure, Akra has a decent capacity, but could it really be done? We were determined to find out and put our customer’s packing list to the test.

And here’s how we did…

We used Felix’s clothes for this little challenge. And I should point that Felix loves heavy, cotton shirts which aren’t necessarily travel-friendly, but we used them anyway. We also added a few more items to the list because we couldn’t imagine traveling without a liquids bag or an eye mask. 

Crikey! Yes, turns out not only can you fit this stuff in, but there was still space inside Akra for more if you’d wanted it. The bulk of stuff went into our large packing cube, by rolling the shirts but not the jeans - they’re the same shape as the bottom of the packing cube when folded. 

Rolling clothes seems to help fitting more inside the cubes. I also find it’s easier to take out what you need when things are rolled up rather than folded - you can see them more clearly. 

Socks and undies went in the other small packing cube and there was still room to spare.

Also, it’s worth noting that these are just the clothes you can take. Akra can also fit your laptop and charger, iPad, Kindle, passport, sunglasses, cables, pens, speaker, water bottle… you name it, the amount of stuff you can cram in Akra is pretty considerable. 

Indefinite travel

If you have a week’s worth of clothes and access to laundry, there’s no reason you can’t keep going indefinitely. It’s basically what I did for most of last year; one round-the-world trip and another 99-day trip East from Liverpool to Hong Kong. And if you can work on your laptop, then Akra has a clever way to look after your laptop and tech -- there’s no reason why you can’t travel indefinitely with it.  

What do you think? Have you taken more stuff than this on a trip with Akra? Or are you a confirmed minimalist now …. Comment below!