Even when limiting yourself to a carry on sized backpack, it can be useful to take an extra day bag. This is smaller and lighter, used only to carry a few essentials such as snacks, water, and a rain jacket. With the AKRA, it is possible to place another bag - the VAGA - inside because of its small size and weight.


However, Arcido is always striving to go one step further. The ARO is designed to be the ultimate day pack. It is there when you need it, but hardly noticeable when stored away. By listening to feedback from customers, Arcido has managed to strike the perfect balance between creating a fully functional and high-quality backpack, while making it as light and portable as possible.


As Small and Light as You Like

With everything on your back, it doesn’t make sense to increase the weight of the load by adding another backpack. That is unless the packable day bag weighs next to nothing. The ARO will hardly be noticed in the total mass that you are carrying, weighing just 200 grams. That’s slightly less than your iPhone 11. It achieves this by using an ultra-lightweight nylon material, which is still strong and durable. Even if you didn’t use it, there wouldn’t be much of a burden carrying one around just in case.



When packed up into itself, the ARO measures around about 17cm or less than seven inches at its longest point. The iPhone 11 is 15cm, so that gives you a good idea of just how tiny this day bag is. When opened out, however, you have a bag which measures 42cm by 16cm by 29cm. This gives you a total volume size of 16 liters, which is plenty of space for a day spent wandering around town or heading off on a hike. With the ultra-lightweight materials, you will feel far less strain on your shoulders.


Full Functionality

Despite being so tiny and lightweight, you will be surprised at the amount of features that are packed into the ARO. Firstly, there are pockets. One interior pocket, into which the bag is packed, can be used for smaller items like keys or spare change. Meanwhile, there is one external pocket for quick access items like a book, wallet, or headphones. Then, of course, you have the main cavity of the backpack, which will fit an extra sweater and any other large items you may want to carry, such as a laptop and charger.


The ARO is aiming to feel like any other backpack, so there aren’t as many compromises as you might expect. Sure, it doesn’t have all the features that you see on the OXNA, but it does have everything you will need for a day of exploring the city. For instance, there are two water bottle holders on either side, just like you would see on many other backpacks. This can be used for your drink or to store any other items that you want quick access to. The ARO also caters for smaller details, with a loop on the back which can be used to hang the bag when required. These features are where the ARO really takes things to the next level. When in use, it is a fully functional backpack that has all the right features to meet your travel needs.


Extra Padding in the Straps

Given the amount of pockets and 16 liters of space, it is possible that you will be carrying a lot of stuff around with you. Not as much as you would get in the 28 liter OXNA or the 35 liter AKRA, but a lot nonetheless. Therefore, the ARO has been designed to be as comfortable as possible. Many backpackers have complained that packable bags often lack any padding in the straps and therefore dig into the shoulders when walking around with a heavy load.



The ARO comes with air mesh padded straps to solve this problem. It is still able to pack up small, but you will find that it is much more comfortable to wear. Again, there is some compromise in that the straps won’t be as wide or as well padded as they are on the OXNA, but it is enough to make a difference to your daily life. Staying efficient on the move is so important, so choosing a backpack that doesn’t cause discomfort will help you to maintain energy levels, so that you can travel harder for longer.


Water-Resistant Materials

The ARO is an exercise in creating high quality, long lasting materials, that protect the bag and the items inside. Wherever you are in the world, there is no point carrying your clothes, papers, and electronics in a bag that can’t keep the rain out in the event of a sudden downpour. This is why the ARO has been made out of water resistant materials.



Even for a quick trip around town, an unexpected shower is always a possibility. Therefore, having a highly water resistant nylon material for the backpack is the only way to ensure that all your important gadgets safe. On top of the material of the bag itself, the ARO has Aquaguard YKK zippers. These are the highest quality in terms of durability and use a polyurethane coating, which is water repellant. It is almost impossible for any water to get through the zipper fastenings when they are closed, so you can use this bag confidently in all weather conditions.


The ARO allows you to continue to be a one-bag traveler, while having access to a smaller day bag when it is convenient. Simply throw it into your larger backpack and you will hardly notice it is in there. When you do need to use it, the high quality, waterproof materials, pocket organization, and padded straps will give you the comforting feeling of a proper, fully functional backpack.