With winter slowly on it's way out, it's time to re-configure your travel wardrobe to reflect the change in seasons. The beauty of the capsule wardrobe is that it allows you to take a minimalist approach to packing while maximizing your outfit choices. Get ready to strip away those layers – it's time to breathe. Let's build a minimalistic spring travel capsule wardrobe that works.

The Basics First: Tops and Bottoms

Winter was great for items like pullovers, cardigans and polo necks, but it's time to bench those pieces for a wider range of options. Include a few fitted, quality t-shirts in neutral colors and you're off to a good start. Much like the winter capsule wardrobe, the same principles apply, especially when it comes to keeping your tones muted and low-key. Except for this time, we're moving away from darker hues to a lighter, more playful palette. Think beige, khaki, crisp whites and navy blues.

Stylish selection of shirts / tops

Other staples to keep in your spring capsule wardrobe include a polo shirt, much like this one from Tillinger – a classic smart-casual piece suitable for almost any setting – as well as a long-sleeved chambray shirt. Don't make the mistake of confusing chambray for denim, as the latter is a lot heavier and could bog you down in warmer weather. If chambray isn't your cup of tea, opt for an Oxford shirt instead. This variation on the classic chambray comes in a wider range of colors and could be the answer to your travel wardrobe woes. Round out your collection of tops with a classic striped long sleeve jumper – the Breton striped shirt is a timeless choice here. It's lightweight and stylish, perfect for those cool spring evenings when the air is somewhat on the chilly side.

You remember the fitted blazer you kept in your winter capsule closet? Don't ditch it just yet. It'll come in handy when you need to take your outfit up a notch.

Selvedge remains a safe choice for hard-wearing, stylish jeans – especially for city travel – but don't be afraid to mix things up with a pair of crisp chinos. The fit is key here, as you're best off with a tapered cut that ends at the ankle for a more form-flattering silhouette. Our pick is the Life Khaki Sustainable Chino from Haggar; a slim-fitting pair that comes in a variety of spring colors. Cotton tailored shorts are also most certainly worth considering if you find yourself mixing work with pleasure. 'Tailored' is the operative word, as the shorts should end just above the knee. Any lower, and you're into cargo shorts territory.

Stylish selection of bottoms to combine with tops
Summer isn't an excuse to slack in the footwear department, so give some careful thought to finishing off your travel capsule wardrobe with some clever shoe choices. A solid pair of suede brogues like this set from Oliver Sweeney will take you a long way, but it certainly won't hurt to include a pair of white canvas sneakers for a more relaxed feel. The Wado range of sneakers is most certainly worth a look, as their playful accents set them apart from other sneaker options.

When you start to think of your travel capsule wardrobe as an investment in long-lasting, quality garments, the possibilities for creating your own looks are endless. This minimalist approach to packing is made easier with the Arcido Akra bag, which in many ways, is designed for the capsule wardrobe. The roomy 35-liter capacity will hold your travel capsule wardrobe with ease, allowing you to stay in style wherever you find yourself. By cutting down on the clutter and using our capsule wardrobe checklist, you'll find that traveling and style aren't mutually exclusive, but in fact, go hand-in-hand.

Written by: Stuart Hendricks