Digital nomads are dependent on technology to maintain their location independent lifestyle. It allows you to get your work done from anywhere and earn an income from whichever country is best suited to you. However, it is more than just a laptop and a smartphone that is required if you want to be efficient and productive as you travel. 

Getting the best tech for your backpack will ensure that you can go about your day without interruption and focus on the project at hand. The gadgets need to be lightweight and portable, but with the tech organization you get with the Arcido Oxna, you will be surprised how many useful products you can carry with you. The gadgets listed below should be added to even the most minimalist packing list as a way to enhance efficiency while on the move. It will be like carrying an entire productivity optimized office in your bag, giving you the ultimate freedom to set up and work pretty much anywhere.

Hefty Power Bank

The most experienced digital nomads will already have acquired a phone and laptop with a strong battery life. You know that your entire income depends on these items, so keeping them charged is essential. Most cities have coffee houses littered with outlets, but for the person constantly on the move, extra juice is never guaranteed.

If you are frequently in airports, on buses, or speeding through country roads, then you could end up spending many hours without a place to charge your devices. Don’t use this as an excuse not to work, however. There are high capacity mobile power stations on the market that are powerful enough to keep your laptop fully charged. 

This also means that you aren’t constrained to coffee shops, but can set up outside on a pleasant day or alone with a nice view. Whether you are lounging on a deck chair on the beach or lying in a hammock in the woods, a hefty power bank gives you more options. As someone who thrives off flexibility and uncertainty, a large and powerful portable battery will improve your workflow.

Universal Travel Adapter

One of the most annoying parts of travel for any long-time wanderer is the fact of changing plug sockets. There are 15 types in total, with the world apparently unable to agree on the best format. You could buy one charger for each place you are going or combine them all into one universal adapter. This latter option sets apart the seasoned travelers from the rookies.

Packing light will make your life infinitely easier, so aim to bring just one adapter. If you choose the best travel adapter you can find, then you will be surprised at how much just one small bit of tech can help you with. Despite being reasonably compact, the best universal sockets will take one regular plug, four USBs and a USB-C. This means you can charge up to six devices at the same price. Furthermore, they will be designed to be fast charging, giving you more juice in less time.

You will then be able to throw this one item in your bag and travel the world reassured that you can access electricity wherever you go. This saves time when setting up to work, with just one easily accessible gadget to find. No more rummaging through different plugs, trying to find the right one for the country. With everything in one device, life easier and quicker, leaving you more time to get on with getting work done.

Laptop Stand

Your aim as a digital nomad is to be able to set up and work pretty much anywhere. You could be sat on a rock atop a mountain or in a field on a summer’s day. These environments, however, don’t make for great desks. This often limits nomads to cafés or coworking spaces, where you have a solid surface on which to place your computer. To overcome this, consider packing a laptop stand.

A good stand is portable, folding away and packing neatly into the back of your backpack. This means that you can grab it at any moment, sit your laptop on it and start typing. However, there are more benefits. A laptop stand allows you to put your computer is the best position to limit strain on your neck, back, eyes, and wrists. This means that you can keep working for longer without getting fatigued, boosting your productivity and potential to earn a higher income.



Portable WiFi

The other thing most digital nomads will need wherever they go is WiFi. Although it is available across cities and even on many buses, trains, and planes these days, it is by no means guaranteed. If you want the ultimate in flexibility and the ability to set up your office from literally anywhere, then consider getting a portable WiFi hotspot.

Also known as pocket WiFi, this is a small and lightweight device that will provide internet to your smartphone and laptop. Simply buy a sim card for the portable router and you will then have access to WiFi whenever you need. Just make sure it has decent battery life. The other advantage of carrying your own private WiFi hotspot around with you is that it means you won’t have to connect to potentially unsafe public networks. If you are dealing with sensitive or financial information, then portable WiFi will ensure that you can protect your data. Get yourself some pocket internet and never waste time searching for reliable, fast, and free WiFi again.



Noise Canceling Headphones

Wherever you are in the world, distractions are likely to interfere with your important work project or much-needed sleep. A solid pair of noise canceling headphones will block out these distracting sounds so that you can maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. They work by picking up sounds in the environment around you, then creating so-called “anti-noise” to equalize the audio. This way, you can only hear what is coming through the headphones, whether it is your favorite music, an audiobook, or a work-related podcast.


When napping on public transport or getting on with a project in a coffee shop, this allows for the focus you need. However, there are other benefits to consider. Noise-canceling headphones also reduce hearing loss and have been shown to lower the stress caused by sensory overload. Along with enhanced sleep, these all contribute to boosting your levels of wellbeing, while increasing your productive output.

Once you have the noise-canceling headphones, the portable WiFi, the laptop stand, the universal adapter, and the hefty power bank in your backpack, you will be equipped to set up your office and get to work anywhere in the world. No more time will be wasted looking for coffee shops and coworking spaces. This is the ultimate exercise in self-reliance, freedom, and independence as a location independent digital nomad. So invest in the best quality gadgets you can and turbocharge your productivity.