For many people, a vacation is a break from the responsibilities of everyday life. You don’t need to work, you can drink during the day, and the exercise routine falls by the wayside. For digital nomads, however, the obligation to look after your own health and wellbeing follows you around the world.

When it comes to exercise, how can you fit it in? There is no guarantee that you’ll have access to a gym, nor the time to seek out any fitness equipment. Get around this by always packing your own sportswear and other gear for exercise. This way, you’ll have access to exercise equipment any time you want to workout. By bringing along some of the items below, there is no excuse not to stay fit while traveling.

Jump Ropes

A jump rope weighs almost nothing, yet it is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. Whether you are trying to lose weight or increase the definition of your muscles, a few minutes jump roping will help you to achieve your ideal body. Use it as a part of your High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This won’t eat into your precious time, but will quickly get results. This is why the best athletes will use a jump rope before an event to turbocharge their endurance.

Jumping rope

Chin Up Bars

Push-ups will help to build muscle, but there’s nothing quite as effective as doing chin-ups. Working mostly on the biceps, but also strengthening back muscles as well as your grip, your whole upper body will look and feel stronger after a few reps. Hotels rarely have them though, and you could spend hours searching the city for a suitable bar to use. Fortunately, you can buy portable bars which attach to any door frame without the need for screws. It is held in place by its own tension, allowing you to set up and start working out, anywhere in the world.

Pull up bar

Resistance Bands

If you’ve ever used resistance bands, you will know how lightweight they are and how small they can pack up. Yet these simple stretchy bands can offer a workout for your entire body. From bicep curls to plank leg lifts, a resistance band can take the place of heavy weights. Considering how cheap these are, they really are the most versatile bits of kit for anyone looking to work out their whole body from the comfort of a hotel room.

Push up Bars

Push-ups are great for working on your upper body strength, but without any equipment, it will take longer to see results. Push up bars will fit into any backpack and don’t weigh that much. This makes them extremely portable so you can lay them down anywhere, whether waiting in an airport terminal or sat in a beautiful city park. Just whip them out and start doing push-ups. By lowering your body weight below your hands, you are protecting your wrists from injuring and allowing for a greater range of motion. Space the bars wider or closer to work on different muscle groups, depending on whether you want a stronger chest or bigger triceps.

Suspension Trainers

Making exercise possible anywhere is exactly the reason that suspension trainers were invented. Similar to resistance bands, they are designed to help you work out any part of your body. They can be hung to a door, ceiling, or really any non-movable object. This is ideal for building strength, but can also be used when practicing yoga or pilates. Find a kit that fits snugly at the bottom of your bag, so that you can easily set up and start an intense and highly effective exercise session.

Barefoot Running Shoes

A standard running shoe will give you access to jogging, which is one of the best forms of cardio and can be done in just about any place at any time. However, don’t just go for a standard sneaker. You are trying to be minimalist and a workout shoe will spend the majority of time packed away. By choosing a barefoot running shoe, you are buying a product which is super lightweight, flexible, and thin. This makes it so easy to pack away.

Furthermore, barefoot running improves your posture, while strengthening the feet and legs. A thin layer of plastic beneath your feet will protect you from injury on jagged rocks, while also allowing you to feel everything and adjust your footing accordingly. This makes it less likely that you will twist an angle on an unexpected dip in the terrain. These kinds of shoes can also be used for cycling, swimming, or rock climbing, making them far more versatile than a larger sneaker.

Yoga Mats

Yoga is an incredible kind of exercise that does so much more than strengthening muscles and improving flexibility. It can also be a deeply relaxing form of meditation and even a spiritual experience for some people. You are working hard, running your online business and dealing with the stress of travel. Starting or ending the day with yoga can help you to burn fat and progress towards your fitness goals, but it will also allow for clarity of mind that helps you to focus on your daily life. So consider investing in a lightweight yoga mat. You won’t even notice it strapped to the outside of your backpack, but if you feel that you will make use of it, then this could be an extremely valuable addition to your packing list.

Traveling is no excuse to neglect your physical fitness. Doing a few push-ups in your hotel room or going for a run around the neighborhood is a good start, but consider professional exercise equipment if you want to take your fitness seriously. These packable items are designed to be small and light, but they allow you to really burn fat and build muscle. Choose the best equipment you can afford so that you know it is durable and will help you achieve your fitness goals as quickly as possible.