The Arcido product range might not seem as extensive as some other brands, but each one of the four bags is a labor of love, designed and manufactured over time to be as good as a carry-on bag can possibly be. The product line will continue to expand, but never in a way which impacts on the quality of the products put out on the sale. This focus on quality over quantity when it comes to products is a reflection of Arcido’s values, as well as the priorities of customers. A minimalist, focused approach to life is mirrored in our backpacks, which in turn leads to bags that maximize productivity, whilst being sustainably made and built to last.

What’s the Way of Life You Wish to Promote?

Everyone on the Arcido team is a traveler, who lives with these products. They are a reflection of the needs of real, long term explorers. Every feature on the backpacks, from the removable hip straps to the fleece-lined pocket, were put there with intention and purpose. Only that which makes travel easier and more comfortable is added to the bag, with everything else removed. Arcido values minimalism, focus, productivity, ease of travel, and build quality.

These values would not be reflected in a product line which was crowded with options. By stripping down and focusing on quality, a quick browse of the shop gives the user an insight into what Arcido believes in. When thinking about your business, be wary of the image you wish to promote and consider whether a deep and narrow product line achieves this more successfully.


Being the Best You Can Be

A wider approach to products may attract a greater range of customers, but the lack of focus will mean that each person’s needs are not fully met. Trying to please everyone could instead result in disappointing all. Why settle for mediocrity when you can be the best at what you do? Arcido makes no secret about its goal: “to make the best gear that keeps us moving efficiently between cities”.

Arguably, Arcido has achieved this better than every single one of its competitors. Certainly, the brand is considered a market leader in offering backpacks to digital nomads. If you wish for your business to be seen with prestige, then nothing beats being the best in your field. You might end up in a narrow niche that only appeals to a small segment of the market, but you are meeting the needs of those customers better than anyone else could. This keeps customers loyal and willing to purchase your accessories or upgrades as they hit the stores.

Kickstarters and Connection to Customers

By launching products on Kickstarter, you could argue that Arcido has taken longer to bring items to market than it could have done. Having to slowly raise money from many backers can seem like a waste of time for a company that could just go out and gets a bank loan. However, this pays off in the long run. Arcido is able to maintain close communication with real backpackers who know what they want. This two-way dialogue allows for greater attention to detail and the creation of products that solve real-world problems. The more people who input their thoughts, the better quality the outcome will be. 300 heads are guaranteed to be better than one, especially when each backer is an experienced and expert traveler.

Of course, using Kickstarter and social media to spread the news of an upcoming product will not work if you have too many products. Backers won’t know where to put their money and you will end up with several underfunded campaigns. So choose a product that will really excite people and spend some time communicating with the public, asking for advice on improvements you can make, until you have achieved something which is approaching perfection.

Protecting Customers from the ‘Paradox of Choice’

There is a general assumption that choice equals freedom. However, many customers complain about being overwhelmed by the sheer number of options before them. This can lead to purchasing paralysis, in which making a decision becomes too difficult. People are already busy enough, so they don’t need to waste more time choosing the best of dozens of different backpacks. By offering more choice, you are only increasing the opportunity cost and therefore making the feeling of buying a new backpack, which should be a feeling of excitement, tinged with the fear of missing out on a potentially better option.

Therefore, by having a large product selection, you are actually reducing the chance of a customer making a purchase at all. By focusing your range and narrowing down the options, you are making the decision-making process easier, thereby increasing the probability that an item will be bought. In a world of information overload and decision fatigue, be brave enough to strip down the options so that customers can be confident that they are making the right choice.

Simplifying the Shopping Experience

Rather than bringing out more and more of the same products, consider accessories and add-ons that make shopping a simple process. For instance, Arcido offers bundles, so that travelers have everything they need in a single purchase. Many minimalist travelers love to stay organized, so they aren’t just looking for a backpack. They also need packing cubes, a shoe bag, and a washbag.

Arcido have therefore tailor-made accessories, that are designed to fit perfectly in their bags. This makes the buying process so simple for the customer, preventing the need for them to go to multiple different suppliers to get everything that they need. So rather than expanding the products you already have, supplement your profits by offering add-ons and accessories, which are designed to exactly match the main items that you sell.

In a modern, busy world, narrowing your product line can have a range of benefits for both your company and the customers. It allows you to focus on being the best you can be, offering higher quality products than any of your competitors. It promotes your brand as being committed to quality and sustainability, over a company which offers cheap, throwaway items. These are the things that young people today value. You will form a deeper connection with your customers, allowing you to meet their needs more successfully. Ultimately, you make it more likely that a customer will make a purchase and you will be able to expand into the future with this loyal and fulfilled following.