If you haven’t already discovered the magic of podcasts, then where have you been? Much like the surge in video sharing over the past decade, podcasts are gaining traction for very similar reasons. For starters, they’re highly informative and when done right, can be extremely entertaining. They’re also intensely personal, which means that their creators are passionate about the topics they talk about. With that in mind, we’ve listed five of the best podcasts dedicated to exploring life as a remote worker. The podcasts on this list are more than just easily digestible media – they’re packed with insights and tips that could just convince you to take the leap into a location-independent lifestyle.


  1. Digital Nomad Cafe with Adam Finan

Adam Finan’s podcast is a raw and real look at what it takes to create sustainable location-independent businesses. Every week he interviews business owners who share stories about their successes, failures, and learnings as nomads. He includes key takeouts as bullet points upfront, so you can quickly scan the highly detailed show notes to check if it’s your cup of tea. He also provides thorough profiles of his guests – all industry experts, it must be said – with links out to almost every imaginable resource. Throw in some quirky Irish humor and you’ve got a podcast that will have you hooked.


  1. The Tim Ferris Show

Tim Ferriss is a household name in productivity sphere, and there’s no doubt that his bestselling content holds many invaluable nuggets for nomads everywhere. Guests like Neil Gaiman, Seth Godin, and Eric Schmidt – to name a few – all share their secrets around routines, time management and efficiency. A catalog of more than 300 high-profile, deeply engaging interviews makes this a podcast worth listening to.


  1. Nomadtopia Radio with Amy Scott

Amy Scott defines Nomadtopia as “your ideal lifestyle, using the freedom of location independence to create the life of your dreams anywhere in the world.” With her podcast, she aims to show that there isn’t just one single path to becoming a nomad, but that everyone’s location-independent journey is different. Her site and podcast is a treasure trove of information for the aspiring nomad, touching on topics like personal finance, long-term travel, relationships, health, and entrepreneurship. Just one listen and you’ll be moved to pursue the freedom and flexibility that comes with the nomad lifestyle.


  1. Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas (or JLD, as he calls himself) is the founder of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, an energizing, motivational weekly interview with industry leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe. This location-independent expert has seen it all – after 8 years in the US Army, JLD came up with the idea of an entrepreneur-focused podcast while working in the real estate industry. That was in 2012, and ever since then he’s been focused on creating “free, valuable, and consistent content.” What’s more, the EO Fire site contains some fantastic resources for remote workers and entrepreneurs looking to branch out into podcasting and digital marketing, with step-by-step guides on how to create your own audio-based content.


  1. The Abroaders

This podcast isn’t geared specifically towards entrepreneurs or remote workers, but more towards frequent travelers looking for the best deals. Does that make it any less valuable? We think not, as there’s a wealth of travel information here for the budget-conscious digital nomad. Travel-oriented topics like air miles, ticket discounts, and booking strategies make this a worthy addition to your podcast library.


Have these podcasts lit the fire for your journey as a digital nomad? Give them a listen on your next commute and get motivated to pursue your lifestyle of location independence.