The humble Dopp kit has the power to take your appearance from disheveled to instantly dapper in just a few steps. Summer travel presents its own set of challenges, as scorching temperatures and unpredictable conditions can wreak havoc with your grooming routine. With a little bit of prep work, we’re going to help you put together an ensemble of washbag products that will not only keep you efficient while traveling but looking and smelling good, too.

First up, let’s talk shower essentials. Rather than opt for an all-in-one washing solution, seek out a separate body cleanser and facial wash tailored to your needs. The Detoxifying Charcoal Bar from Baxter of California is the little soap bar done right. The Activated Charcoal is a powerful cleansing agent which helps remove impurities, while the Coconut Oil and glycerin are key hydration components. Topped off with a subtle masculine scent, this is one item not to be left out of your summer toiletry carry.

Summer heat generally means an increase in sebum – the culprit behind oily skin. To combat this, we recommend a cleanser which regulates oil production but doesn’t leave your skin completely dry. The Hydra+ Oil-Gel Facial Cleanser from Grown Alchemist caters to all skin types with a multi-function formula which reduces signs of aging.

One more thing to keep in check during your summer travels is your stubble. Feel free to let it grow out, but if you’re intent on keeping it cleanly shaven, then you should give the Czech & Speake No.88 Travel Shaving Set a look-in. Consider this the pinnacle of travel shaving, a classic compact shaving kit consisting of a travel shaving brush, a specially formulated shaving soap, and a 15ml No.88 aftershave shaker.

Get to work on protecting your mug with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream SPF 30. The SPF 30 rating is a safeguard against the harsher summer rays, while the cream itself is a “light-textured,” 24-hour hydrator that smooths complexion.

For those gentlemen sporting facial hair, consider a beard care product, like the Smoothing Beard Serum from Scotch & Porter. Less greasy than beard oil but not as thick in texture as a beard balm, the serum is the perfect way to keep beard frizz under control while you’re on the road.

As with all our previous Dopp kit articles, we always advise you to seek out a fragrance suited to the season. The Motley Bergamo cologne is as crisp as they come, with light, playful citrus notes underpinned by base notes of juniper and oakmoss. What’s more, the 8ml rollerball size means you’ll barely even notice it in your travel wash bag. While we’re talking about smelling good, the Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant Stick is a natural deodorant designed to “absorb without residue” with its antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

You might be wondering, what’s the best way to carry such a premium selection of Dopp kit items? Well, when time is of the essence, the Arcido Washbag is the only way to go. Our durable, leakproof, airport-approved washbag saves you precious seconds with its transparent design, keeping your Dopp kit essentials safe and secure. With these toiletries, you’ve got all your bases covered when it comes to looking and smelling great on the road this summer.

Written by Stuart Hendricks