If you’ve ever researched into which backpack is right for you, you’ll probably have been steered towards volume sizes ranging from 50 liters to 70. This is what all the long term backpackers seem to be carrying. Anything smaller is just for short trips, right? This is the assumption made by many beginner travelers. If you are traveling full-time, then it may seem that you basically need to bring everything that you own. If you need it at home, you’ll probably need it while on the road.

Well, it’s time to break out of that thought pattern. The truth is that anyone can comfortably travel indefinitely with a bag small enough to qualify as a carry on. This is why ARCIDO’s largest backpack is 35 liters. However, even that can be considered too big. To coincide with the launch of the 28 liter OXNA, we are promoting the benefits of taking an even smaller bag. You may think you’re a diehard minimalist, but there are always ways to cut back, whether by taking fewer items or fitting in the same amount using an intelligently-designed backpack.

If you are skeptical that you would enjoy traveling with less than 30 liters on your back, then here are some of the incredible benefits that make it all worth it.

Closer look to Arcido Oxna backpack

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It’s the Cheapest Way to Travel

Minimalism cuts costs. By setting a strict limit on the amount of items you will allow yourself to carry, the urge to shop is removed. If you just throw six T-shirts in a bag without much thought, then there’s nothing to stop you buying a couple more from the local market at your destination. However, when your backpack is only 28 liters, you are forced to pack with intention. This means that you strictly limit how many items go in the bag and don’t pick up more along the way.

Stuff you can put in our Oxna backpack

The other great cost saving benefit is on excess baggage fees. Almost all airlines will charge you for putting items in the hold, which can almost double the price of a ticket. If you’re someone who flies a lot, then this is really an extra charge you don’t want to be dealing with. It’s also becoming increasingly common for airline operators to force passengers to check in their luggage, even if it fits in the overhead lockers. If you have a small backpack that fits under a seat, however, then you will always be let on the aircraft without any problems.

Not using a heavy bag also means saving on taxis, as you will be able to walk or take public transport much more easily with a smaller pack. 

There’s No Time Wasted

As everybody knows, time is money. This is especially true for freelancers and digital nomads who often get paid for their output rather than by the hour. This is why people in this community tend to be obsessed with productivity. In particular, travel can significantly disrupt workflow. While a flight might last for two hours, the time spent checking in bags, waiting in security, standing in line to deplane, and then going through passport control to the baggage claim, will add several more hours onto your day. For busy people, this is time you simply may not have.

So take the time to cut out as much faffing as you can. If you only have a carry on, you can go straight past the check in desk to security. When there, you will only have a small, minimalist washbag to take out, along with the laptop that is easily accessible from the OXNA’s dedicated laptop pocket. These are crucial seconds saved. From there, no energy is wasted transporting your luggage onto the plane. Once you land, you can head straight from passport control to the exit, while everyone else has an agonizing wait for their stuff.

It isn’t just in airports that time is saved, however. You will be swift and mobile wherever you go. There’s no need to wait for the taxi driver to open the trunk of the car; just jump in and go. You won’t need constant breaks to rest your back and shoulders when walking around the city, so you can keep on moving to your destination. Finally, you will never find yourself rummaging through your things, unable to find that one important item. The less stuff you have, the easier things are to find and the harder they are to lose.

The OXNA has a pocket for your charger, a dedicated passport pocket, and even slots for pens. With this level of organization, you know where everything is at all times, which lays the foundation for a productive day.

Various and handy pockets

You Won’t Stick Out as a Tourist

From being overcharged by taxi drivers to fake tour guides, every seasoned traveler has come up against scams aimed at tourists. To avoid being hassled, it is a good idea to blend in as much as possible. It’s pretty hard to do this with a bright red, oversized backpack. In the center of any city, you will instantly stick out. Street sellers will view you as confused and naive, while others may want to take advantage of your jet lagged state. Then there are thieves and pickpockets, who know that you are carrying a fair amount of expensive kit.


With all your stuff condensed into a day bag, you will have a much easier time looking like a local, heading off to work or college. The OXNA can be carried like a briefcase or on your back, but either way it won’t stick out. It’s black color makes it seem like any ordinary bag that might just have some food and water bottle inside. Little do scammers know that this is a highly water resistant backpack made with performance materials capable of carrying a laptop and tons of pricey travel gear.

Oxna also features interlocking zips which can be used to lock your bag if you’re worried about someone tampering with your bag. 

Packing Light is Easy with the OXNA

No matter how good the benefits seem, you might be worrying that you simply can’t fit everything you need into such a small package. Fear not, however, because the OXNA has been designed from the bottom up to make light packing a breeze. Lightweight materials keep the weight down from the start, but the durable recycled Kodra is tough enough for you to keep stuffing more items in.

Oxna is very Oxna has a lot of space for your stuff

Arcido also makes a compression packing cube which fits exactly inside the bottom volume of Oxna, so you can get more out of your bag. Just load the clothes into the cube, zip it up and the whole package becomes much more compact. 

The padding on the back and thick straps are designed to maximize comfort, so don’t worry about adding more items; your load will still feel light and the air channel in the padding means you won’t break into a sweat. A sternum strap helps to evenly distribute the weight, meaning you can pack even more.

So weight isn’t a problem, but you might be worried about fitting everything in. By including a compression packing cube that is tailor made for the OXNA, you are able to pack more clothes and squeeze the air out, so that you can use the space inside more efficiently. Furthermore, charger and water bottle pockets on either side open up room inside the bag for everything else. You will be blown away by how many things this tiny bag is able to hold.

When taking to the road, bigger isn’t always better. Taking a smaller bag like the 28 liter OXNA means that you pack with more intention. This saves time and money, while protecting you from tourist targeting scammers. While taking less things can increase productivity and wellbeing while traveling, a cleverly designed bag means that you never feel constrained. If you really need to bring an extra item, the OXNA will accommodate it, giving you the ultimate in freedom and flexibility.

Arcido Oxna 28l backpack