While there’s something to be said for hoofing your travels sans technology, every seasoned globetrotter knows that apps have become an indispensable part of their travel experience. Forget Uber, Skyscanner, and Hostelworld; we now have apps that redefine packing lists, itineraries, transportation, and entire travel communities.

After some thorough digging and testing, we’ve compiled the six best travel apps for digital nomads that you should take for a spin in 2019. Enjoy.

TripIt - Organize your upcoming itinerary.

TripIt helps you organize your upcoming itinerary by simply forwarding your confirmation emails to a single email address. It’s like having a personal assistant. Once you have your confirmation emails -- including anything from car rentals, hotel stays, Airbnb information, or tour details -- you send them off, and in return, you get one succinct chronological itinerary.

TripIt helps you get where you need to be, helps you share your itinerary with anyone, and it also works offline for those times when your traveling sans WiFi. TripIt Pro, the platform’s subscription option, helps out by giving you info on your flight’s delays or cancellations, offering alternative flights, and even notifying you if there’s a better seat available.

Don't forget to check TripIt and plan your travel itinerary to the tinniest detail.


Starting out in aims to become the 21st century’s premier travel platform, Mapify built a social network for travelers to connect, plan, and share their travel experiences. With a scratch map that allows you to visualize where you’ve been, a photo stream, and an interactive map, it’s a database that feels like the synthesis of Instagram and TripAdvisor.

It’s clean, looks beautiful, and allows you to get around with the help of a global community of travelers who have been to your dream destinations.

Learn, connect and share your traveling experience with other travelers through Mapify.

Packing your bag has never been easier with Packpoint

Packpoint takes your packing list to the next level. With this app, you enter your destination, length of stay, and what you’ll generally be doing, and it spits out a list of recommended items to take on vacation. Packpoint checks the weather in your destination and makes suggestions accordingly. Whether you’re planning on hiking, swimming, working, or traveling with a baby (or all of the above),

Packpoint suggests things that you may need. Feel free to edit the list it comes up with, and voila, packing made easy. Help out your fellow travel comrades by forwarding this list to them with one click of a button.

Never miss anything again in your backpack with Packpoint.

VPN Proxy Master

Aside from having a snazzy packing list and a cute little map that shows where you’ve been, a virtual private network is probably the most important thing to have while traveling. For the uninitiated, a VPN is a device (or in this case, an app) that allows you to access the internet from a secure and protected IP address. With a VPN, you can use unprotected WiFi (like those in airports) to browse freely without worrying about your information being vulnerable.

You can also access any website (and any Netflix show) no matter which country you happen to be in. It also allows you to browse anonymously, so companies and governments can’t track what you’ve been up to. And just to be clear -- it’s completely legal.

If you're working online or using location-based services, don't forget to have a reliable VPN. VPN Proxy Master is the app you're looking for!

Splittr - Split group expenses have never been easier

Traveling with friends is a blast until it comes time to tally up the costs and decides who owes who. We’ve all been in that situation, and no one likes the tension. In order to avoid that whole situation, download Splittr, which helps you split group expenses. It’s perfect for weekend trips, long vacations, or even household and roommate costs. It works offline, it syncs with your friends’ phones, and all currencies are supported.

If you're traveling in a group then you know the struggle of splitting the bill correctly. Don't stress yourself about it again and check innovative Splittr.


As far as transit apps go, Moovit takes the cake as the cleanest and easiest to use. Forget Uber and Lyft -- get around your new city like a local. Just plug in your location and where you’re headed and it spits out a number of public transportation options. Moovit provides the best routes using metros, busses, and any kind of cheap transportation available, all with updated schedules.

Travel around cities like a local while saving money using Moovit.

Written by: Dillon Dubois