The Crime We’re Up Against As Travelers

Let’s jump straight to the facts. Over 400,000 pickpocket incidents are reported around the world each day. In knowing that there is probably an equal amount of additional cases going unreported, it’s safe to say that the art of pickpocketing is alive and well.

The most targeted cities around the world don’t bode well for digital nomads. Barcelona, Rome, Prague, Madrid, Paris, Florence, and Buenos Aires all top the list, which all happen to be some of the most popular hubs for digital nomads. Just between the years 2010 and 2012, pickpocketing thefts increased by 20%. What we’re seeing (perhaps not coincidentally) is a huge uptick in rates of petty crime where we tend to wield our most valuable possessions. 

Traditional Travel Security Options

Traditional solutions to this age-old problem have become increasingly obsolete for a few reasons. First, the money belt. Besides being a tell-tale sign of an anxious, insecure traveler and an impressive disregard of fashion, the money belt doesn’t really make sense anymore. Most places around the world accept credit cards; ATM’s are on every corner if you truly do need cash, and if seen, a money belt blatantly advertises where your important things are. They’re uncomfortable, and they brand you as a travel rookie. All of this has us believing that money belts are not the most optimal way to handle your belongings.

Besides money belts, there isn’t really a reliable way to store your belongings. Dividing cash between your socks, bra stashes, and long johns is hard to keep track of, and carrying a dummy wallet feels bulky and against the grain of minimalist travel.

Anti-Theft Backpacks

Enter: Anti-theft backpacks. It has taken too long for us to realize that a good travel backpack should be more than just a holder of things. It should be a keeper of things. The only downside to backpacks is that they’re tough to keep an eye on -- but all that changes with anti-theft bags.

Arcido couldn’t find an anti-theft bag on the market that didn’t cut corners in other areas, so we went ahead and made our own. Our line of backpacks features sleeves and pockets that are specially designed to hide your belongings from everyday pickpocketers. Behind water bottle holders, securely up against your back, pockets inside of other pockets -- we’ve thought this through, trust us.

Arcido makes backpacks with secret pockets
The value that comes from owning an anti-theft bag is tough to exaggerate. There’s obviously the monetary value in cards and cash you won’t be losing, but also the peace of mind that comes with having a bag you don’t have to worry about. Wading your way through crowded streets and public transport is no longer a stressful situation, which in turn redefines your entire travel experience.

Other Tricks to Stay Safe While Traveling

Besides having an anti-theft backpack, there are a few other steps you can take to ensure the security of your goods. Consider dishing out the extra few dollars on travel insurance for your gear. It’s not too expensive, and when things go awry, it’s an excellent backup plan. Second, this goes without saying, but make sure you have a go-to travel lock. To be able to lock up your goods securely while you’re on the run honestly feels invaluable when others in your hostel fall victim to a robbery. And lastly, only bring what you will honestly need. This age-old adage is just as true for t-shirts and shampoo as it is for credit cards and cash.

Written by: Dillon DuBois