We get it -- there is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect travel backpack. To help you in the decision-making process, we’ve tracked down the expert reviews from industry gearheads and compiled a succinct list for you to consider. From zipper quality to customer service and secret pockets, here are the 10 reasons why Arcido is the best backpack brand.

1. A Backpack Built for Comfort and Movability
Comfort is undoubtedly the most important factor in considering which travel backpack works for you. If a bag feels clunky or doesn’t disperse weight evenly, then it’s not something you should be wielding around for a multi-day trip.

As reviewed by Chase Reeves, an industry expert in the realm of travel backpacks, Arcido is a brand that has clearly taken comfort into consideration. The result? Curved straps that fit the shape of your torso, back mesh padding that keeps weight off your spine, removable (and magnetic) hip and sternum straps that keep the bags snug, and lightweight material that maximizes movability.


2. Sizes That Are Perfect For One-Bag Travel
When starting out, Arcido’s mission was to produce bags that were streamlined and efficient for travel. No more wheely bags, no more too-small-for-anything-useful bags -- Arcido’s backpacks stay true to the hands-free, “one and done” philosophy.

Don’t take our word for it -- watch as Traveling Salseros fits everything they would need for a week-long trip into the Faroe bag. Arcido’s lineup of bags are large enough to effectively live out of if you’re constantly on the move, but they're sleek and small enough for a weekend getaway. They stay within all airlines’ carry-on restrictions, so you’ll never have to worry about lost luggage or baggage claim delays. Welcome to one-bag travel.


3. Foward Thinking Laptop Compartment
GH Tech Review gives a thorough dive into the compartments of Arcido’s Faroe bag. In sum: everything goes in the right place. When it comes to organization, Arcido’s bags are one step ahead. Mesh pockets for toiletries, velcro pouches for chargers, tablets, and hard drives, soft felt pockets for fragile sunglasses, pen slots, water bottle holders that actually hold your water bottles -- you get the idea. Watch the video as GH Tech Review packs an entire digital nomad setup into the bag with no stress.


 4. Sweet Spot Of Organization

Carryology, the leading blog on everything backpacks, says that Arcido’s bags have effectively nailed the way you organize your stuff. Bo Ismono talks about how in terms of compartments and organization, Arcido hits the sweet spot. Not too many compartments that overwhelm the design but enough that there's a home for everything.  


5. Product Durability
Mark Stapf makes a living reviewing everything from tech gadgets to travel gear, and his rundown on the durability of Arcido’s travel backpack gives a good idea as to what you can expect. When investing in a travel backpack that you plan on carrying around the world, you should hold it to some pretty high durability standards. It’s safe to say Arcido’s bags pass the test. The outer shield is a 500D Blendex Kodra fabric, which is a premium microtechnology material made for durability and resistance. “Whatever weather your travels throw at you, this is an awesome material. I’m a huge fan.”

Additionally, the YKK zippers are the best in the industry when it comes to longevity and smooth operation. These are bags that can last a lifetime, plain and simple.

6. Secret Backpack Pockets, Maximum Security
Josh Fenn, another large player in the online review space, urges you in this video to take one look at an Arcido bag and you quickly realize why it’s often considered an anti-theft bag by thousands of customers. The pockets around the minimalist shell are well-disguised and don’t look the least bit inviting for potential pick-pocketers. Add in secret pockets inside each of the water bottle compartments, and you have a bag that’s truly looking out for you and your most valuable belongings.

7. Maximum Accessibility Design
When you’re traveling or working on the move, your time is at a premium, so a bag’s accessibility is too. You don’t want to spend minutes digging through pockets looking for something that could otherwise be found in a second.

CJ HD says that simply put, accessibility has been built into the foundation of Arcido’s brand. Each of their bags has zippers that entirely open the main compartment, which allows you to grab what you need at a quick glance. CJ raves the high-quality zippers and a front compartment that can be accessed from either the inside or the outside. Additionally, there’s no more removing your laptop to go through airport security. Simply fold open the laptop compartment and slide it through.


8. Well-Ventilated and Padded Supportive Straps

Arcido takes extra care in the strap support system. Check out Desy Cheng’s review of the purpose-built, nicely padded and well-ventilated straps that have smart magnetic buckles. Both the sternum and waist straps are removable so you can wear the bag the way you want. These are the kinds of small touches that take the custom comfort game to the next level.

9. Unparalleled Customer Service
Scroll through a few Arcido reviews on Trustpilot and you’ll see that customer service is paramount. Bags ship pronto, communication is quick (we’re talking...within minutes) and transparent, and the 5-year warranty policy is always valued. It’s rare to find this level of customer service from a company that started from humble Kickstarter beginnings, but Arcido always seems to deliver.

10. Ethical, High-Quality Production Standards
No cutting corners. Since founders Will and Felix started Arcido a few years ago, they’ve maintained the mantra that a bag’s price and quality should never come at the expense of its production process. The entire supply chain process -- from the materials sourced to the employees on the job -- is non-exploitative. Thus, choosing Arcido comes with a certain peace of mind that few brands can provide. Read up on Why we Manufacture in Vietnam for more info. Later this month a production video will be published to show the craftsmanship that goes into each and every bag. Follow Arcido on YouTube to be the first to check out the artful footage!  


If you’re truly looking for the best lineup of backpacks that allow you to travel light, comfortably, hands-free, and without hassle, Arcido deserves your consideration.

Written by: Dillon DuBois