For frequent travelers, nothing beats an efficient airport experience. Gliding through check-in and security in under 20 minutes has to be among the list of life’s great pleasures. That said, it’s rare. If you’re tired of lagging airport experiences that seem to drag on forever, we’ve got your back. Here’s our rundown on the 5 most important airport hacks to help you save time.

Take the Stairs

For one reason or another, most people opt to take escalators even after sitting on a flight for multiple hours. In order to breeze past the pack, grab your luggage and take the stairs. This hack is especially helpful in international airports when long customs and immigration lines await. Taking the stairs is an easy way to get past a chunk of people and get that much closer to your destination.

Fly Red-Eye

If you can push through the downsides of having a rough night’s sleep, booking a red-eye flight becomes a no-brainer. You’ll be saving money, as flights after 10 pm are usually significantly cheaper, but you’ll also be saving time. Everything from check-in to security and boarding becomes quick and hassle-free. If you're looking for a seamless airport experience but cutting down the total time spent traveling, do yourself a favor and book a red eye.

Bring a Portable Phone Charger

Pacing around the airport desperately looking for an outlet to charge your phone is something we all know too well. We obsessively scan the floors and walls, and we flash death glares at anyone who’s been hogging an outlet for more than 30 minutes. Skip all of that. The next time you go to an airport, bring a portable phone charger (or computer charger). You’ll spend less time darting back and forth between gates and more time relaxing or boarding your plane.

For the gadget lovers who were tickled by talk of portable phone chargers, we also recommend getting a GPS tag for your luggage items. Losing your luggage will definitely derail your travel plans and set you back a few hours (and dollars), so opt to invest in a device that tracks your luggage’s location 24/7.

Buy a Carry-on Backpack For Your Luggage

Of course, an easier solution to the lost bag phenomenon is to keep your belongings on you at all times. More and more people are ditching wheely bags in favor of well-designed backpacks that do away with baggage claims, GPS’s, overpacking, and all the stress associated with checked-bag separation anxiety (which isn’t formally a thing, but, isn’t it?).

Get yourself a bag that is designed to streamline the travel process. Organized pockets, secret sleeves, sizes that fit international standards -- this is what you should come to expect from your travel luggage, and making the switch to one-bag travel will save more time than you think.

Keep In-Flight Essentials in One Bag

Another excellent airport hack that will save time, energy, and stress is consolidating your in-flight essentials in one bag. Being able to pull one bag out of your carry-on before stashing it in the overhead bin or underneath your seat can be a lifesaver. If not for yourself, you’ll definitely be saving time for others who are waiting in the aisle.

Written by Dillon DuBois