Travel pillows that don’t suck do exist! Once you have found one, you will open up a new, fatigue-free world of travel. This allows you to make the most of your vacation or retain productivity when working on the road. So what’s in the perfect plane pillow?

Travel pillows make your long haul flights more comfortable
Prioritize Size and Weight - Trtl 

You’re a passionate one bag traveler and a careful observer of airline carry-on rules. You need to be able to justify the space that any item takes up in your backpack. Fortunately, genuinely compact options are available. The Trtl is a great small pillow option. This portable travel pillow wraps around like a scarf but has just enough cushion to offer neck support while you nod off. When considering your options, anything that packs up small can make all the difference.

Pay Attention to Materials - Sofi 

Comfort is everything when it comes to sleep, so think carefully about the materials involved. A plastic blow up camping pillow may deflate for packing purposes but ultimately offers little in the way of comfort. The best airplane pillows on the market are made from memory foam.

The Sofi travel pillow’s memory foam construction allows it to fit everyone perfectly. This makes it one of the best options for avoiding neck pain. Another advantage of memory foam is that it compacts, with the Sofi neck pillow even coming with its own portable carry case.

Functionality Matters - Face Cradle 

Another core component of minimalist travel is multi-functionality. ‘What other functions can a pillow possibly have?’, I hear you ask. Well, the Face Cradle travel pillow is equipped with five comfort modes, so it can be adjusted depending on your preferred sleeping position. Unlike a normal neck pillow, it can support your entire face, for you tray table snoozers.

Bullbird travel pillow
Don’t Neglect Style - BullBird 

There is no shame in wanting to look good while you travel. Backpacks and outdoor clothing have increasingly sought to combine functionality with style. If we’re being honest, there’s nothing cool about a neck pillow. However, this is starting to change with an increasing range of sleek and minimalist pillow designs.

The BullBird travel pillow seems to have nailed the stylish aesthetic. It is short and wide to comfortably fit behind your neck, but the understated shape and colors mean that you won’t feel embarrassed taking it out for a mid-flight nap. 

Sleep is the foundation of good mental and physical health, and a plane power nap helps you to achieve more while on the move. The days of pillows that suck are over. Embrace the new stylish and ergonomic world of comfortable long haul flights.

Written by Thom Brown