Springtime has undeniable appeal as a traveler. You can say goodbye to the weight of a winter wardrobe while enjoying longer days, getting more done. There’s an overwhelming optimism in the air that comes with the warmer weather. It’s a chance to reinvent yourself, your look and dare we say it, your grooming routine too.

You took care of your skin in those cold winter months, so don’t neglect to do the same in spring. You could follow the same routine with the same products, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice. Different conditions mean that you should take a different approach to keep your mug looking photo-ready. Keep reading to find out which grooming essentials you should include in your spring travel washbag.

Switch Up Your Facial Moisturizer
Warmer climes generally mean more moisture in the air, especially in humid areas. Whereas the dry winter air calls for intensive moisture solutions, springtime is a time to ease up on those requirements. A lighter moisturizer will leave your skin with a matte, smooth appearance, as opposed to a heavier cream which could very quickly leave you shinier than a freshly polished Porsche. The Friedman Berlin Daily Gentle Face Lotion is our choice of face cream, as it contains just the right blend of ingredients for a non-greasy finish, and its convenient 30ml travel size means that it’s the perfect fit for your spring travel washbag.

Keep Hair In Place With Pomade
As much as we love spring, there’s no denying that it can be particularly unpredictable when it comes to weather patterns. Some places are known to get regular afternoon downpours, while other destinations run the entire gamut of seasons in one single day. All this means you need to come prepared for any conditions. A medium-hold, water-resistant hair wax will keep your ‘cut looking pristine come rain or shine, so invest in a pomade like the Triumph and Disaster Coltrane Clay.

Pay Attention To Grooming Your Beard
This one applies exclusively to the bearded few (or nowadays, the many). As much as it’s important to keep your beard soft and conditioned, it’s vital to give your mane a good scrub to avoid the build-up of dirt and odor. It’s an added bonus when your facial cleanser does duty on your beard, too, as this means one less item to carry in your spring washbag. Check out the Lush Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash for a 2-in-1 solution that smells fantastic.

Pump Up The Antiperspirant
This is, for the most part, self-explanatory. If you’re a little flustered in the deodorant aisle, then look for brands that have aluminum chlorohydrate – an essential sweat-blocking ingredient that works best with mild formulations. Our pick is the Recipe Men Antiperspirant; an alcohol-free product perfect for hotter weather and heavy sweaters.

Cure The Chafe
Jack Black markets their Dry Down Friction-free powder as the ultimate solution for “moisture protection and all-day freshness.” It’s a dual-purpose product – designed primarily for travelers who enjoy working out but don’t enjoy the chafing that comes with getting active, while also absorbing excess moisture in somewhat sweatier situations. Granted, you might not need this one if you’re working out of a temperate locale, but when the mercury rises, you’ll be glad you packed this in your spring washbag.

Find A Fresh Summer Scent 
Winter was perfect for lingering woody scents, but springtime is all about the aromatics and fresh, floral notes. A signature scent like Tom Ford’s Mandarino di Amalfi is all it takes to conjure up scenes of the scintillating Italian coastline in the springtime, with punchy citrus notes followed by refreshing undertones of mint, thyme, and wildflowers.

Need we give you a quick refresher on those FAA regulations? 100ml per bottle is what most airlines will allow you to travel with, usually in a transparent, Ziploc bag. The waterproof Arcido washbag ticks all the boxes, as it has more than enough capacity to store all your spring washbag essentials. This means less to worry about when it comes to your new-and-improved routine.

Written by Stuart Hendricks