The humble washbag deserves far more credit than we give it. For travelers who dart between different destinations, it holds the secrets to looking and smelling good. After all, what’s worse than being stuck with the bog-standard hotel soap and shampoo when you have your own personal grooming routine that you rely on to get you through meetings, pitches and after-work drinks? In addition to your standard toothbrush, deo, and signature cologne, here are five best wash bag products for the upcoming winter.

Skin moisturiser


Winter can be particularly harsh on the skin, as exposure to cold, dry air can strip away all moisture and leaving it prone to cracking. The quickest fix for this is a reputable moisturizer that contains a sun protection factor of at least 15, to prevent skin damage from the winter skin. Aesop’s Facial Barrier Cream is a worthy upgrade from a regular moisturizer. It immediately revitalizes skin with a rich Shea Butter and Candelilla Wax formula, providing protection from the elements.

Saline Spray

Saline spray

Air travel, while undoubtedly the quickest and most convenient means of getting around, comes with a few caveats. The air circulating in the cabin can very quickly dry out your nasal passages and eyes due to the low level of humidity. When you step out into winter climes, this condition can become even worse. To keep your nasal passages free from irritation, carry a small bottle of saline spray in your Dopp bag – preferably a non-medicated option, like the FESS Frequent Flyer Nasal Spray. If you use it once an hour, you’ll avoid a congested nasal passage and the dry eyes once you land.

Viking Beard Oil

Beard oil

Good beard oil is indispensable if you have facial hair that requires any grooming. Apart from keeping your mane soft, using beard oil or balm will make it infinitely more manageable. This is especially important when your beard is exposed to dry winter air on the daily. By simply applying beard oil after your morning wash, you can take it from scruffy to stylish in just a few minutes. Our personal pick is the Viking Revolution Beard Oil and Balm combo.

Styling cream

Styling cream

Temperature changes can wreak havoc on your hair, particularly if you don’t regularly apply any product. You know those stubborn flyaways that refuse to lay flat? Those are often a result of moisture changes in the atmosphere – for example, going from the blistering cold into the warm confines of an office. Turf the frizz with a quality styling cream from Philip Kingsley. This Preen Cream is formulated to reduce the static caused by drier air, taming those annoying strands that insist on standing up.

Lip balm

Lip balm

Sure, you’re probably traveling for business, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to leave the lip balm at home. Lip balm will keep your lips from being chapped – a condition which is exacerbated by the blistering cold. Look no further than the Kiehls Facial Fuel No Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm. It contains a matte-finish moisturizing formula that protects lips from dehydration.

By now, you’re probably wondering if carrying all these items in your wash bag is overkill. The truth is, if you pack smart, you’ll comfortably be able to fit all these essentials into your toiletry kit. Pick out products that conform to FAA regulations of 100ml or less, and you’ll be able to find space for them. A toiletry case like the Arcido washbag is particularly useful. It will save you the hassle of having to buy transparent Ziploc bags (yet another FAA requirement for liquids, aerosols, and gels) while having ample space for all your items. It’s also waterproof, meaning that your main travel bag is protected from any leaking liquids.

With these five essentials in your travel toiletry bag, there simply isn’t any excuse for arriving at your meeting or destination looking disheveled. You can’t go wrong by following our Dopp kit suggestions – they’ll take your travel grooming routine from complicated to dead simple. Also, don't forget to prepare your wash bag for the upcoming summer.

Bonus Picks

We asked the experts over at Woodberg Natural Grooming Supply, their number one recommendation for grooming on the go during the winter. They had this to say:

"During the winter season we recommend to change your skincare routine a little bit - it´s all about the moisture. Start using a very gentle facial cleanser like the Grown Alchemist Facial Cleanser otherwise your skin is going to be very dry due to cold temperatures and dry air of your heater. We also recommend switching from your favorite cream moisturizer to a natural and nourishing facial oil like the one from Alex Carro. Every cream moisturizer contains a lot of water and during very cold temperatures the water could freeze on your skin which would cause some kind of redness, inflammation, and dryness. A facial oil doesn´t contain water, protects your skin a lot better than a cream and deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin."

Written by: Stuart Hendricks