For as long as you’ve been traveling, perhaps you’ve been trained to do things a certain way. Pack certain things. Use a certain bag. You know, the one with wheels that you see all so often in departure halls and luggage carousels? Now, we’re not knocking the old Rollaboard, but as a brand focused on keeping you, the traveler, efficient – we’re firm believers that a backpack can enhance your travel experience. We’d go so far as to say that using a backpack is an exercise in minimalist travel.

Perhaps you’ve always thought of minimalists as an odd bunch who find solace in living a life of scant possessions. Some have gone so far as to call it a cult (it’s not, BTW). For those who already call themselves minimalists, this article is not for you. This is aimed squarely at people looking for a better way of traveling. By applying the tenets of minimalism to travel, we’re going to show you that a backpack is your entry-point to truly enjoying your next voyage.

Let’s start with simplicity. When it comes to travel, backpacks are inherently easy. Good travel packs are designed to be intuitive pieces of luggage. Take our flagship Akra bag, for example. With a 35L capacity, we’ve purposefully opted to keep it to dimensions which would make it easy to operate. The roomy main compartment combined with just the right number of auxiliary pockets means that it’s the opposite of cumbersome. A backpack also forces you to pack simpler, that is, leaving behind any items or gear that could impede you on your travels, allowing you to move freely.

Freedom. Now that’s something that all travelers crave. The good news is that a backpack allows you just that. The most remote locations are easily accessible with a backpack, and with the right backpack, it becomes a pleasure to seek out locations which would be far more difficult to get to with conventional luggage. Durability and comfort are top on the list of things that freedom-seeking travelers look for in a backpack, and the Arcido Akra has these in spades. By unburdening yourself of the extras, minimalism gives you the freedom to explore more, making the backpack the ultimate accessory.

The last point I want to touch on is a purpose. You’ve probably heard the famous Marie Kondo catchphrase about only adding things that ‘spark joy.’ Things that matter. Perhaps if you’ve been a conventional traveler your entire life you’ve perceived traveling with less as surviving on the bare minimum. Minimalism isn’t about that. The items which you travel with should give you purpose and direction, and traveling with a backpack forces you to practice this. As much as purpose seems like an abstract concept, something as simple as using a backpack and being intentional with your luggage is a philosophy that will eventually affect how you travel, creating deeper, more meaningful experiences. And which traveler wouldn’t want that?