The anatomy of the Arcido backpack speaks to our core values as a brand; efficient yet stylish, functional while still maintaining an air of sophistication. Because of this, we’ve done away with everything that we deem to be surplus. You won’t find anything out of place or unnecessary on an Arcido pack. Instead, you’ll find thoughtful and considered touches, a nod to the emphasis that we put on precision which all starts at our factory.

Amongst these considered touches and neat features is something that you might miss completely if you’re not paying close attention: Magnetic buckles. Specifically, magnetic buckles on the sternum strap and on the hip belt. We chose to forego the plastic and velcro alternatives that so many bags ship with.  Why? For starters, poor-quality hard-touch plastics lend a substandard feel, something which we wanted to avoid with our bags. They’re also notoriously unreliable (while the opposite goes for magnets), breaking with even the slightest amount of force.

Velcro isn’t much better than plastic if we’re being honest. It attracts elements like dirt and lint, wears out over time, and simply isn’t robust enough to be considered as a material in our single-travel arsenal.

Magnets, on the other hand, are the diametric opposite. They’re hard-wearing, rarely lose their staying power and can be implemented in a variety of different ways. Rather than just a regular magnet button, we’ve used a clasp design which snaps firmly into place when the magnets connect. Our magnetic buckles can be used in the single-hand operation, especially useful when you’ve got your hands full and need to quickly access your bag.

Getting a little more granular, let’s look at why sternum (or chest) straps are so useful and why magnetic buckles make sense. When carrying heavy loads, the weight from your backpack places pressure on your shoulders, potentially straining them over a prolonged period of carrying. A sternum strap alleviates this pressure by distributing the weight more evenly across your upper body. Spreading the weight of your pack, a sternum strap also improves your posture by correcting the ‘hunch’ that tends to form when you carry a backpack. This is especially useful if you’ll be carrying your fully loaded pack over a few hours and you tend to fatigue easily in your upper back and shoulders.

A waist strap (or hip belt) works in a very similar way, that is, it removes tension from your shoulders and engages your hips to carry the weight. Given that our range tops out at a maximum capacity of 35 liters, our padded hip belt could be the saving grace if your Arcido pack is filled to the brim. In a bid to maximize space, we’ve included ultra-convenient micro pockets in our hip belt too; a place where you can store cards or cash for quick access.

The combination of these backpack staples with our magnetic buckles make for a comfortable and secure fit, keeping you efficient between destinations. Whatever your travel situation, you can rest assured when you hear the satisfying snap of our magnetic buckle.