Efficient travelers are a tough breed to buy for. While they have tons of interests and are always brainstorming the next itinerary, they likely tread lightly. Trinkets and souvenirs won’t cut it, and anything that weighs them down is probably staying behind. Don’t get discouraged -- we’ve got your back. Here is our hand-picked selection of Christmas gifts that will make it onto the packing list of any efficient traveler. 


Every avid traveler loves a good gadget. Tools that genuinely make life more convenient and efficient are hard to come by. Sometimes the need isn’t really there, and sometimes they end up as clutter after no more than a few uses, but this isn’t the case with Nolii. 

Nolii makes a line of functional, multi-purpose gadgets that could change the life of any traveler. When it comes to charging, their portable power banks, cables, and plugs make it easy to stay connected while you’re on the move. Seamlessly fold plugs into whichever outlets are available and get a kevlar-reinforced docking base to make them feel like they really have their life together. They also make 2-in-1 phone accessories that pair your device with your wallet or an external battery. 

Poketo Planners

We all know travelers that are either obsessively organized and can’t live without a visual planner, or ones that desperately need to get their hands on a visual planner. These little Poketo Planners are great gifts for both kinds of people. 

Choose from big wall calendars to pocket-sized concept planners and propped-up desk calendars for the perfect Christmas gift. They also make little minimalist Folios that combine a notepad with pockets for your phone, credit cards, passport, and pens. This could be the perfect gift to get your friends and family excited about an upcoming itinerary (and to just remember which day the trash needs to get taken out). 


For friends and family that appreciate a good cup of coffee before anything else in the morning, consider the Aeropress. The Aeropress is like a French press from the future for those short on space and time. It’s lightweight, portable, and it brews a cup of freshly-ground goodness in under two minutes. The three plastic parts aren’t clunky, and they’re super easy to clean. 

Headspace Subscription

For a thoughtful gift (although less thoughts is the goal here) that shows you’re looking out for your loved ones’ well-being, consider Headspace. A Headspace subscription includes hundreds of guided meditations that focus on anything from sleep to social anxiety, confidence, and emergency SOS meditations, right in your pocket. There’s fun little cartoons that keep you engaged, data to track your progress, and the narrator’s voice is honestly the most soothing you’ll find on a meditation app. 

Scrubba Wash Bag

One of the most obvious ways to pack minimally while on vacation is to pack fewer clothes. The best way to do this? Bring a Scrubba Wash Bag instead of more clothing. It’s essentially a dry bag with a built-in washboard that serves as a portable washing machine. Just add soap and water, scrub away, and hang your clothes out to dry. It packs down super small, so don’t worry about it taking up too much space. 

Written by: Dillon DuBois