Not all travel backpacks are created equal. The Arcido concept was born out of a need for convenience; for travelers who demanded a superior product that made their travels infinitely easier. Comfort and utility coupled with sound design principles make the Arcido brand a contender for one of the best travel carry on bags on the market today. 

There are two key elements, which are often overlooked, that makes our bags the most durable option for carryon luggage. 

Kodra Fabric 

Recognizing the challenges of everyday commuters, the hard-wearing but tactile qualities of this material were our first choice for protection against the elements. The rigors of air travel, in particular, can take their toll on luggage, as bags are constantly hauled, dropped and scuffed. 

Kodra fabric is highly water resistant.

Kodra is a modern fabric based on Cordura, originally developed and used during the Second World War in tires, but its application has since evolved to a nylon weave. You may well have noticed Kodra or Cordura in school bags to military apparel. Kodra nylon is a lightweight fabric considered as the gold standard in designing travel backpacks. It’s also puncture-resistant and more durable than the regular nylon canvas you might find on competitors’ offerings. We’ve used it on all our products to create an abrasion-resistant, lightweight weather-proof outer layer that keeps your belongings safe. 

YKK Zippers

The next element that adds a mark of quality to our bag is the brand of fasteners we used. 

YKK zippers are very durable and safe.

The waterproof zippers that hold our backpacks together are none other than the world-renowned YKK zippers. We wanted a consistency of quality throughout our entire design process, which is why we chose these dependable, reputable Japanese zippers for our bags. The quality of the zips produced by YKK far exceeds any other manufacturer, due to the strict quality standards that it has in place for its products. All it takes is one fastener to fail, and your bag would be ruined, which is why we haven’t neglected to ensure that the YKK zips on all Arcido products are up to scratch.

Though often neglected, these two elements of our designer rucksack are what makes one-bag travel a reality. There’s no need for any extraneous odds and ends, it’s simply an easy carry-on solution that keeps your items safe and secure, with easy access to everything you need. Travelers need a bag that’s versatile enough to adapt to different situations, and from the outset, we realized the importance of making travel pleasantly efficient for our customers. With the Akra travel backpack, there doesn’t have to be a trade-off between comfort and utility. It’s an all-rounder. The result is the ultimate designer backpack; one that you won’t have to worry about checking in and a worthwhile investment that will enhance your travel experience.

Written by: Stuart Hendricks